Weald and Downland

This is a delightful combination of history, gardens and woodland walks. The Museum has collected historic buildings from a wide area and rebuilt them in appropriate settings.

This means the oldest houses tend to be rather isolated. This includes an Anglo-Saxon Hall and a selection of Medieval buildings. Beautifully restored and including a number of appropriately designed and planted cottage gardens around the site. The working woodyard includes a Charcoal Burners Camp as you walk through the woodland paths.

Farm buildings and equipment, demonstrations and traditional livestock breeds. The museum includes a Tudor Farmstead and Kitchen, with information boards and staff to interpret and sometimes demonstrate.

Buildings from all periods are also gathered into a Market Square, including a medieval shop. There is a tiny Victorian School and a range of buildings reflecting crafts and industries from across the South of England.

The Museum also provides a whole range of courses. Countryside crafts, historic food and drink, various herbal courses, textiles, Christmas courses… A huge range becoming available again as the museum recovers from lockdown.

I also visited the Christmas Market last November which included the chance to look inside The Repair Shop. This is normally closed to the public. Obviously a great source of publicity and income for the charity. I’m so pleased to see them getting back on their feet in these difficult times. Highly recommended for a day out, although wet weather obviously makes many areas very muddy.

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