Kenilworth Castle

Kenilworth is really interesting. Established in the 1120s by Geoffrey de Clinton, a loyal supporter of Henry l. The King probably encouraged the establishment of the Castle as a way of controlling the nearby Earls of Warwick (the Beauchamps). As it happens, his son later married the daughter of the Earl. 
The Castle was later held by King Henry ll, King John and then Simon de Montfort who rebelled against Henry lll and is regarded as the founder of parliament. Killed at the Battle of Evesham, the Castle was held against the King by his supporters. In 1266 Henry lll laid seige to the Castle, the longest recorded seige. 
Later Edward ll was imprisoned at Kenilworth and forced to abdicate before being moved to Berkeley Castle. 
John of Gaunt added a Palace to the Castle. Katherine Swynford was here for many years with a hoard of childen. This included John’s children from his marriage to Blanche of Castile. This would have included the Beaufort children and a young Henry Bolingbroke… so the roots of the house of Lancaster and the War of the Roses. Then it belonged to Robert Dudley who built the Tudor wing for Elizabeth l for her stay in 1575.

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